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Overnight 2 is IN DEVELOPMENT!


Sorry for the lack of updates  🙂

I am now making a SECOND Overnight Which is a Five Nights At Freddys fan game.

The idea of the game is a similar style to the first, you are a security guard and a kids pizzeria and you have to check the cameras and make sure nothing is up…

You see, the animatronic characters tend to have a wander….



W Freddy


Button Light




Music Box

You also have to wind up a music box. to keep one of the cursed characters happy. Just every few minutes, go any wind it up.

Because if you don’t

He will escape 🙂

You also have a mask to disguise yourself, But it will not work all of the time…

Gameplay is here –

Enjoy 😉

Overnight available for Oculus rift DK2!

well, looks like I added Oculus Rift DK2 support. Yay! The Game Now feels more immersive than ever! It still needs to be polished, the scale is off! 😀


you are the size of a chair….

A mac version of the oculus will never be available… 🙁

enjoy being killed by robots and stuffed into suits! LOL 😀

Download (Windows)