Windows VR Games

Oculus Rift DK2 Games for Windows 😉


A Five Nights At Freddys Fan Game. That is free roam! XD



Download Here

Behind (Alpha)

Now this is one of my favourite experiences that I have created. The whole “Behind” Project is one of the things I am giving updates on in the “Blog” Section. 😀

Explore through this large mansion as you realise that you may not be alone…. Dun dun DUUUNNN!!! 😀

DownloadBehind Alpha

Behind (Beta)

Play the beta of behind for a short, fun, spooky experience perfect for Halloween! ?





Enjoy this short spooky experience where strange things begin to happen at your dining room table ?


Roller-Ball 3D

In this game You control a ball, Your Task is to avoid all obstacles.

A Version For A normal Screen Without The Oculus is available Here.

DownloadRollerBall 3D

Flappy Bird (DK2)

Just….Just…. Don’t Ask…. lol

DownloadFlappy Bird DK2

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