Mac Games

 (For any-one that’s stupid it is games that work on a mac ) 😉

If you’re looking for Mac virtual reality games (Oculus rift experiences) you’re in the wrong place! You should be Here.


A Five Nights At Freddys Fan Game. That is free roam! XD



Download Here

Roller Ball-3D

Play this game for pure rage 😀



Download Here

Star Maze

Overall, this is a pretty awful game… I am 12 now, but I was 11 when I made this game so it isn’t “Top Notch” as I like to say! 😀

Download Here

Just a note – The games beyond this line were made when I was ten… Enter If you dare to see a ten year old’s imagination 😉

“Worlds Most Annoying Parkour!” 

Just as a note, please don’t sue me when you smash your screen with anger 😉

Download Here

“FPS Pacman” 

A First Person Pacman :D.  – side note to noobs, “First Person” is when you are looking through the characters eyes, rather then seeing the character

How to play

Go round a spooky maze of strange ghosts and power ups. There is a red power-up, Which means you can eat the ghosts! 😀

As you can probably tell, you are not alone in this maze!

Download Here

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