Where is night 4? + releasing for VR soon

Hey guys!   So, You might be wondering. Why haven’t I released night 4? Welp, I am still working on it. I don’t want to release something to y’all that is buggy, hard to complete, and only like 2 endings. I want there to be broader opportunities. On how the game can be completed. I … Read moreWhere is night 4? + releasing for VR soon

Overnight 2 is IN DEVELOPMENT!

Hey! Sorry for the lack of updates  🙂 I am now making a SECOND Overnight Which is a Five Nights At Freddys fan game. The idea of the game is a similar style to the first, you are a security guard and a kids pizzeria and you have to check the cameras and make sure nothing … Read moreOvernight 2 is IN DEVELOPMENT!

Overnight available for Oculus rift DK2!

well, looks like I added Oculus Rift DK2 support. Yay! The Game Now feels more immersive than ever! It still needs to be polished, the scale is off! 😀 you are the size of a chair…. A mac version of the oculus will never be available… 🙁 enjoy being killed by robots and stuffed into suits! … Read moreOvernight available for Oculus rift DK2!