The Designer’s Cure Chapter Two

Hi guys, Wow. Looking back at this site is as if I’m looking at my old bedroom from an old house with all my stuff left behind. I will keep everything up for nostalgia purposes. I am 19 now and a composition student at Leeds Conservatoire, having a blast but it’s a lot of work! … Read moreThe Designer’s Cure Chapter Two

“The Designer’s Curse” – Chapter one released!

Hi guys, You may have noticed the change to this site. I’ve left it in the dark for so long but finally revamped it. I have released a new game, called “The Designer’s Curse”. It is the most ambitious horror project yet, even working with the same composer as amnesia the dark descent (One of … Read more“The Designer’s Curse” – Chapter one released!

Unity3D Keypad Door unlock script c# UI System

Hey guys! i’m working on a VR game at the moment, and since I am learning c#,  I realised that I should share my new UI Keypad script with you. This is usful for your game if you have a door with a keypad UI. The asset that I use for the keypad textures can … Read moreUnity3D Keypad Door unlock script c# UI System

Where is night 4? + releasing for VR soon

Hey guys!   So, You might be wondering. Why haven’t I released night 4? Welp, I am still working on it. I don’t want to release something to y’all that is buggy, hard to complete, and only like 2 endings. I want there to be broader opportunities. On how the game can be completed. I … Read moreWhere is night 4? + releasing for VR soon

Overnight 2 is IN DEVELOPMENT!

Hey! Sorry for the lack of updates  🙂 I am now making a SECOND Overnight Which is a Five Nights At Freddys fan game. The idea of the game is a similar style to the first, you are a security guard and a kids pizzeria and you have to check the cameras and make sure nothing … Read moreOvernight 2 is IN DEVELOPMENT!

Overnight available for Oculus rift DK2!

well, looks like I added Oculus Rift DK2 support. Yay! The Game Now feels more immersive than ever! It still needs to be polished, the scale is off! 😀 you are the size of a chair…. A mac version of the oculus will never be available… 🙁 enjoy being killed by robots and stuffed into suits! … Read moreOvernight available for Oculus rift DK2!

Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Game, Free Roam! ~Overnight

Well, I made  A five nights at freddy’s fan game (A remake of another game but with a twist), called “Overnight” Because I decided to take a break from behind XD You can download both mac and PC versions here (It doesn’t need the Oculus rift but I may add support for it soon) Download … Read moreFive Nights at Freddy’s Fan Game, Free Roam! ~Overnight

First Post!

Hello! This is the first post on what I hope will be a regular blog! The aim to post updates on development of my games. At the moment am working on “Behind” a virtual reality game for the oculus rift. I will do a version for normal monitors too. Okay, Today I worked on The … Read moreFirst Post!