Where is night 4? + releasing for VR soon

Hey guys!


So, You might be wondering. Why haven’t I released night 4?

Welp, I am still working on it. I don’t want to release something to y’all that is buggy, hard to complete, and only like 2 endings. I want there to be broader opportunities. On how the game can be completed.

I have been getting quiet a bit of hate for this, and that’s understandable. Why do youtubers get it but I ain’t giving it to you guys? you may ask.

Well, tbh its because I sent it originally to Omar Sebali, to test it and make a video on it. Then a couple of REALLY MAJOR youtubers asked for it, like directly messaged me, Which i thought was awesome. How could I decline? It was so hard..

They found many bugs as they played, and people saw it, got angry as I did not release it to them. I want to release a good game! I want this game to be less buggy, and really scare you. I really want this project to be good.

So, I will release it soon. I will add more cutscenes, Game modes, and easter eggs in night 4.

Another question i frequently get asked, will the Toy animatronics be released in night 5?!?!?!?!?q1/1/1//exx deeeee

No. Simply no. sorry! I might do a later chapter of this game involving the toy animatronics, idk lol.

Sorry for the inactivity! I do have school xD



PS: I will release Overnight 2 for VR very soon! 🙂

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  1. hi I’m wordering what date are you going to relese night 4 and good job on the game its awesome and I past night1,2,3 keep up the good work and one more thing is the night 4 going to be relese in march apr or may?

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