Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Game, Free Roam! ~Overnight

Well, I made  A five nights at freddy’s fan game (A remake of another game but with a twist), called “Overnight” Because I decided to take a break from behind XD


You can download both mac and PC versions here (It doesn’t need the Oculus rift but I may add support for it soon)

Download Here

Keys – use arrow keys or WASD to move around, mouse to look around, shift to run, click on the red button to close doors, green ones to turn the lights on and off. The doors use power and you do not have much! Can you last until 6am?

Five nights at Freddy’s is a very unique horror game which takes a step away from clichés. For me, this game throws all my fears at me-

  1. Creepy animatronic character robot things in a kids pizza restaurant  ( That should explain it all :D)
  2. Having Them Chase you with haunting footsteps creeping up behind you

The Way Five nights at freddys works is you are a security guard in a kids Pizza Restaurant and you have to monitor them on security cameras but as you can imagine they obviously do not want to stay in the same place. They want to come after you and stuff you into metal suits until your eyes and feet pop out the bottom! YAY!

Here is a lets play this game, But he was having a problem when some of the robots were walking through doors! Don’t worry that’s been fixed in the latest update!


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