First Post!

Hello! This is the first post on what I hope will be a regular blog! The aim to post updates on development of my games. At the moment am working on “Behind” a virtual reality game for the oculus rift. I will do a version for normal monitors too.

Okay, Today I worked on The “Bedroom Sequence”  and The “Dining Room Sequence”

You can see the videos on my Youtube Channel and Below-

Note to learning Developers-

The way I did the locked doors in my games is the following-

I have two Prefabs, one door that Opens and one door that is locked both in the same place, only One Active. ( e.g if I wanted the door to be locked I would Keep the locked door active and the Unlocked door Un-active. (If any one wants a post about how to make a door Open I will reply to you when I have time) Here is the Code I Made-

Attach to your Key Object-

*Make Sure you have A Box collider attached to the key Object, and check the “Is Trigger” and Make it big enough for the range :D*


var InRange : boolean;  //Determines If your Character is near

var DoorUnlocked : GameObject;  // assign the Unlocked Door

var DoorLocked : GameObject; // assign The Locked Door

var ForCorrutine = false;  // random Shiz ( will explain if you ask :D)

function Start(){

ForCorrutine = false;

function Update (){
if ( Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)&& InRange){
GetComponent.<MeshRenderer>().enabled = false;
ForCorrutine = true;

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider){
if (other.gameObject.tag == “Player”) {
InRange = true;
if(ForCorrutine == true){                                                                                                 yield WaitForSeconds(1);
function OnTriggerExit (other : Collider){
if (other.gameObject.tag == “Player”) {
InRange = false;

Hoped this helped for any one that was struggling with Key Pick-up and unlock Door Code! 😀

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