About Me

My name is Christian Blandford and I am a Composer and Game Developer.

I sort of abandoned this website for years. However, in the buildup to the release of my next game, The Designer’s Curse: Chapter Two, I have decided to revive it.

My best game is called The Designer’s Curse, which I made when I was 15; can be downloaded soon on Steam. It is also available to download on  Gamejolt and Itch. The second chapter is currently in development and I am planning on it being much much better than the first.

Here are some of my games you may have heard of (I hate all of them but they did well!)-

  • Overnight 2
  • Buried Beneath
  • Slender Adrift
  • And many others!

My games are listed on Game Jolt.

I now have an active youtube channel, the latest game development progress videos are here. Please subscribe to my channel for the latest updates.