About Me

Oculus Rift Experiences/just normal Games all written by CBGames (Christian Blandford)

These Games are free for you to use for fun. Please do not sell them as I am 13 years old and that would be mean. I am always working on the games, so they are all Beta versions. Remember to come back for updates and new games

This website will also be used to help people with programming in Unity-3D, I’ll give hints and tips on the blog section and answer programming questions there too.

The blog will also feature many updates on the development of my new game coming out next year, Behind. Behind is a horror game that will scare the pants off you, it is really for the Oculus Rift but I’ll also make a standard monitor version.

My games are listed on Game Jolt and now Wear VR.

I now have an active youtube channel, the latest game development progress videos are here. Please subscribe to my channel for the latest updates.

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Free VR games, PC and Mac games and game writing advice by Christian Blandford, 12 year old game developer!